obby maul guide

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obby maul guide
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    obby maul guide


    -for best xp at low lvls you will want a fast, stabing wepon. an iron dagger will do for a while. then you will want a strenght boosting ammy, strength ammy will do fine, if you can afford it another good thing to have is a bezerker ring but its not a requiment. so far you should have:
    *iron dagger
    *strength ammy
    *bezerker ring (if you can afford)

    -the first thing you should train on is one of the following; cows, men, monks, or seagulls. i would suggest the cows personaly.

    -some training tips:
    *ALWAYS keep auto retaliate OFF (its easy to log in and auto attack something befor you have time to change attack style)

    *Maximize your strenght bonus, your attack bonus is not as helpfull being that your 1 attack anyway

    *Chose a fast wepon, your going to miss a lot no mater what you use, so you might as well miss fast

    *Dont train any combat skills other then Strenght. You can always get them later, but you cant lose them ever.

    *At low lvl attack the most usefull form of attack is stab and crush.


    -Bone dagger(p++) (stab +4, strength +5)
    This wepon has a very usefull special attack but is otherwise useless, special attack lowers your opponents defence lvl by what you hit, and is very acurate on special (i normaly hit about 15 with it)
    *Death to the Dorgeshuun
    *Rune Mysteries
    *Goblin Diplomacy
    *The Lost Tribe
    *17 Mining
    *23 Agility
    *23 Thieving
    *beat lvl 50 boss and his helpers at same time

    -Darklight (16 slash, 13 strenght)
    A good wepon to have along with required quest for mith gloves. Special attack acts like all 3 of the curse spells when successful. but it is slow and inacurate(low attack + slash = inacurate)
    *Shadow of the Storm
    *Demon slayer
    *The Golem
    *30 Crafting
    *25 Thieving

    -Mith Gloves (+6 to all attack and defence and strenght, 3 mage att/def, 0 prayer)
    A must have for any pure obby or not.
    *Cooks Assistant
    -10 Cooking
    *Dwarf mini
    -Fishing Contest
    -10 Fishing
    *Goblin mini
    -Goblin Diplomacy
    *Pirate mini
    -31 Cooking
    *Evil Dave mini
    -Shadow of the Storm (see darklight)
    -Gertudes Cat
    -25 Cooking
    *Skrach Uglogwee mini
    -Big Chompy Bird Hunting
    -41 Cooking
    -5 Fletching
    -30 Ranged
    -20 Firemaking

    -Slayer Staff (crush +25, mage +12, strenght +35, along with def of reguler staff)
    If you can finish the long hard task of 55 slayer with 1 attack then this is the BEST wepon you can have, fast as a whip and stronger then anything else you can weld other then maul. i dont have too much info on this as i am still trying to get one myself. this one one of those things you save your range and mage xp for (training slayer)
    *55 slayer
    *50 mage

    -Bearhead (-3 mage and range attack, defence: stab 12, slash 14, magic 7, range 9)
    This is The BEST def you can get at 1 defence,, aswell as the best magic defence that ANYONE can get no mater def level.
    *start but NOT finish Mountain Daughter quest
    *20 agility

    -Maple Blackjack (crush +0, strenght +20)
    Very strong wepon for lvl 1 attack and its as fast as a dagger/whip/skim, and i find it to be very acurate. along with haveing the ability to randomly stun your opponent (seems to happen about 1 in 5 hits for me). over all a good, strong, fast wepon. it is also easy to get, you can buy from players or do the quests "the fued" and buy from the shop for 1200gp-1500gp each.
    *30 thief (req to weld)

    -Zammy Book (8 to all attack, 5 to prayer)
    Very usefull in conjunction to the one handed faster wepons. not a must have however.
    *Horror From the Deep
    *35 Agility
    *beat lvl 100 monster that ranges you
    *zammy page 1, 2, 3, & 4

    -Obby maul (crush +85, strength +85)
    This is it this is YOUR weapon, after all your not an obby maul pure without an obby maul. very slow but hits very hard, you can pull 21s with it at 32 combat. Great KO weapon and good for training.
    *60 Strenght

    -Beserker Ring (strenght +4, crush def +4)
    Great thing to have while training but i would not advise you to player kill with this as it costs around 2 million.

    TRAINING FROM 60 T0 75:

    -from here on rock crabs are your friend.

    -now that you will be training with your maul you want to maximize your attack/crush bonus (while still maximizing your strenght) this is because the maul is slow and you want to miss as little as posible to get good xp.

    -good things to have now would be:
    *Obby Maul
    *Mith Gloves
    *Fury or Glory or strenght (all will work, i like fury tho)
    *Bezerker ring
    *anything else you wish to wear

    -if you can afford it it is helpfull and speads things up to train with super strenght pots, reguler will slow you down more then help in my opinion.

    -you can try training with some of your fast weak wepons same as befor but i found that at lower strenght lvls (like i said about 60-75) you do better with just maul.


    -You can continue doing what you did from 60 to 75 at this point, but you can try some other things as well now.

    -Around this point you will nodice you start to hit more and harder with simple weapons like a dagger or a maple blackjack along with a zammy book

    -A faster weapon can mean faster xp at this point because you miss less and hit farly hard (i hit lots of 15s myself with weaker weapons now)

    -a normal setup would be:
    *Maple blackjack
    *Zammy book
    *Mith Gloves
    *Fury or Glory or strenght (all will work, i like fury tho)
    *Bezerker ring

    -But really at this point try stuff, play around and see what works best for you, by now you have some expeince as to what works and what doesn't work.


    -The 31 Prayer Obby

    -If you plan on training prayer get it threw quests, not threw bones.

    -Quests to do:
    *The Restless Ghost
    *Priest in Peril
    *Ghosts Ahoy

    -now that you have prayer this opens up another great weapon for 1 attack pures, the Wolfbane dagger. its fast and very acurate. if your a prayer obby then you got to try this out.

    -now when you train you will want to wear monk robes both while you train and PK.

    -useful because not only can you protect item, but you can also do ult strenght prayer, which can raise your max hit by 2-5 depending on your str lvl.

    -i would say this type of obby pure is worth it if you plan to pk, it only raises your combat 2-3 levels and lets you hit much harder and more acurate along with getting that cool new Wolfbane dagger.

    -The Mith Obby

    -This is not a bad way to go with it, once agen get your lvls threw questing

    *Death Plateau

    i dont have much info on this kind of pure sorry


    Ok here is where it starts getting fun

    -Bacicly what you want to do is melee them down with that weaker wepon then ko when they are low on hits with maul.

    {made by me wc1pure}
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    obby maul guide

    good guide.. i got obby maul pure 10 attack 80str 31pray 70def pwnz hard
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