Need Site Hosting and Scripting

Discussion in 'Software Sales' started by PhucUp, Dec 23, 2015.

Need Site Hosting and Scripting
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  2. PhucUp
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    Need Site Hosting and Scripting

    I currently have a website, but I need it to be better. I hardly touch it mainly because of the limitations that go daddy puts on their website builder.

    I need a trusted host for for my site, and someone that can do the coding and can help by creating something new and can transfer most of the current information I have over and bring some other ideas I have regarding it to life.

    These people don't have to be one person, but if you can host and create a kick ass page let me know.

    Only going to be dealing with trusted users.

    Paying with Paypal, RSGP, or I can mail Cash to you.

    Add my Skype and/or PM me. Thanks.
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  4. Flamedog
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    Need Site Hosting and Scripting

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