Name Sales Rules

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Name Sales Rules
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    Name Sales Rules

    Here are the forum-specific rules:

    • Do not post individual price check topics here. Instead, refer to the Name Price Check Topic v2.
    • Name sniping is treated as scamming. Refer to The Official Rules.
      • Buyers & Sellers should agree upon name transfer and who's responsibility it is if the name is sniped. Purchasing a name, having it sniped, and reporting the seller is not grounds for a ban unless you can provide proof they sniped (or set up the sniping of) the name.
    • Do not reveal someone else's display name without their explicit permission.
    • This is the name sales section. No name giveaways are allowed here.
    • You don't need to post screenshots of your accounts for name sales.
    • If you are selling more than 1 name, you must post them all in ONE thread.
    • DO NOT post threads requesting specific names, or stating "I am looking for ___ name." These threads are considered SPAM and will be infracted! There is a "Request A Name" thread for a reason - use it!
    • If someone prefers not to display their name on their selling thread, PM them if you want to know the name. Don't post on their thread telling them to PM you.
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