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  2. staniwka
    Jul 30, 2010
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    staniwka Member Scam Alert!

    Today 10 hours ago i got scammed by
    I decided to sell my gold and was looking for good a trustable company to sell. I have read several good reviews about and decided to sell them. I went to their website manually and clicked LIVE SUPPORT. Got in contact with Jenny.
    Here is our chat log:

    I dont know why its failed to transcript, after that she told me that i need to wait 10hours until her m8 comes back. She admitted that she lied about delivery time and excused. I agreed to wait and went afk nearly for whole day or so.
    Now i come back and get in contact with Leo this time:

    The most fun comes here:
    I havent closed my mozilla firefox after the trade and i am not brainless. But seems chinese found amazing way to scam people AKA "we got hacked or some1 using fake names under our company."

    Here comes chat transcript with jenny:

    and here with leo
    Here is how link of support looks like with Jenny

    And here with leo
    So the only conclusion i can make to myself is to never ever trade with poor chinese. Yes they got nice scam this time. aka we are getting hacked every day

    Beware guys ;) i hope my accaunt wont get suspended :<

    and i very doubt i am alone who got scammed like this, and they are still in good position, cause people cba to complain

    Yes ofcourse u can say im lying or its not them or its phishin.
    but at least i know it for myself and i got lucky that i haven't closed my mozilla after the trade cause at least i proved it myself, and had their website up for whole day.

    ok and now more proof
    right now i went into their live support again tada it was again faked one mmofiy, talked with them abit an after 5min i clicked again and it was normal one mmofly, they probably understood everything and changed back, they swap from time to time to faked support and to normal in order to stay in good position and have excuse.

    i have managed to block their mmofiy customer support link, contacting directly
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  4. Skele
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