Melkisbae fake vouching

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Melkisbae fake vouching
  1. Unread #1 - Oct 2, 2019 at 1:47 PM
  2. Strong Silent Type
    Oct 1, 2019
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    Strong Silent Type Newcomer

    Melkisbae fake vouching

    Scammer's profile link:Melkisbae
    Explanation of the trade: Melkisbae approached me trough discord where he had seen a post of mine, approached me trough DM's and tried convincing me into trusting him. I asked him a few questions, and lastly if we can use a middleman. He said sure and blocked me.
    Amount scammed: 0 - I did not get scammed, he tried scamming me however.
    How they scammed: I did not get scammed, he tried scamming me however.
    Proof that it's their Discord:
    Imgur - as you can see, the discord username and everything related is here.
    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID: Math#3545 [354353784224219136]
    Other relevant trade screenshots: None.

    Just spreading the word that he is a scammer. I also saw that his vouches consist of members with one postcount. ⭐★★★[Math's Vouches] Math's RS3/07GP S/B Store | Always safe trading![BTC ONLY]★★★★

    Thank you.
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  4. BlackBlasses
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    Melkisbae fake vouching

    I've temporary banned the following profiles for Self/Fake vouching here: Jose Return, Saudade, dat MUNDO, hienbr, Melkisbae.

    Refusing to use a MM/blocking customer isn't a punishable offense, but I've decided to apply a TWC rank,
    because of the combination of fake vouching and refusing to use a MM.

    @Melkisbae please gather at least a few legitimate vouches and dispute your TWC here.

    Thank you for your report, @Strong Silent Type (I've also TWC'd you, please post from a home IP).

    Have an amazing day! :)
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