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Main > 90+ all skills
  1. Unread #1 - Sep 28, 2019 at 4:05 PM
  2. Gamabunta
    Jun 5, 2016
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    Gamabunta Active Member

    Main > 90+ all skills

    80-90 Agility
    80-90 Mining
    75-90 Smithing
    75-90 Fishing
    75-90 Thieving
    77-90 Woodcutting
    77-90 Farming
    75-90 Hunter
    76-90 Construction

    The rest I'll handle on my own. I'm looking for someone who can take this project seriously and provide consistent results. Someone who can offer a primary focus on my account.

    Hand done, bans will result in a refund of the value of my account + gold/supplies that may be on the account.

    Please post a price including a ROUGH supplies estimate. We will hash out the fine details in PM or through discord.

    Would also be interested in someone willing to accept increments for consistent work. I don't want the account dormant for longer than 12 hours at a time, as long as some exp is gained I won't complain.

    I won't be going first unless you're a $500+ donor or staff member. A middleman will be used or you will have to accept increments.
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  4. Saad
    Mar 15, 2012
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    Main > 90+ all skills


    LegendaryMarket's AIO can most definitely help you out. For the mentioned service, it'd cost around 900M OSRS or the USD equivalent. The price isn't confirmed, we're able to listen and negotiate, let's talk business!

    Contact Info:
    Discord: Saad#2818
    UID: 171746932362969089

    Laydown (not including bulk discount)

    Agility: 200M
    Mining: 165M (MLM) 300M (powermining)
    Smithing: 135M
    Fishing: 80M
    Thieving: 160M
    Woodcutting: 85M
    Farming: 130M
    Hunter: 140M
    Construction: 80M
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  6. harrylolxd
    Nov 19, 2018
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    harrylolxd Picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture

    Main > 90+ all skills

    I can give you the cheapest prices.
    I am twc but this is due to late service and i assure you i am on alot more now.
    Agility: 150m
    Mining: 150m Powermined Iron
    Smithing: 100M Blast Furnace Gold
    Fishing: 50M Barb / Trout and salmon normally
    Thieving: 120M
    Woodcutting: 60M
    Farming: Won't do
    Hunter: Won't do
    Construction: 40M
    My discord is HarryxD#4310 and can do all but farming and hunter
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  8. karma1677
    May 1, 2019
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    karma1677 Apprentice

    Main > 90+ all skills

    80-90 Agility: Price 200m Ape Atoll course, requires MM1 + ninja monkey
    80-90 Mining: Price 150m powermining iron in mining guild
    75-90 Smithing: Price 90m by blast furnace gold or platebodies
    75-90 Fishing: Price 65m by fly fishing / barbarian fishing
    75-90 Thieving: Would do this last and we can discuss at that point, not sure
    77-90 Woodcutting: Price: 65m teaks power chopping
    77-90 Farming: Give me the rest of the work and supply trees for tree runs and will do this free since only takes 15 mins per day!
    75-90 Hunter: Price 110m by salamanders
    76-90 Construction: Price 65m by oak larders
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