Lost/Changed Password Recovery [Updated 7/21/15]

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Lost/Changed Password Recovery [Updated 7/21/15]
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    Lost/Changed Password Recovery [Updated 7/21/15]

    First, if your account is currently registered to an email address that you have access to, use the automatic recovery system: http://ww3.sythe.org/login.php?do=lostpw

    If you were hacked and your email was changed:
    1. Ensure that a moderator has banned your account until you regain control of it.
    2. Check the Report a Scammer forum for reports against you/your hacker, and settle any outstanding debts. We will not consider returning an account until they are cleared.
    3. Post a dispute to reclaim your account. You will need evidence that you were its original owner.

    Your dispute should be answered by an administrator within a week or so. If not, seek out someone to get your request pushed through.
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