Kolour scammed me... Done with Sythe/ RS

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Kolour scammed me... Done with Sythe/ RS
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  2. Kolour scammed me </3 ;l

    Kolour scammed me </3 ;l Guest

    Kolour scammed me... Done with Sythe/ RS

    Scammer's profile link: http://www.sythe.org/members/kolour.511407/
    How they scammed: I rented a max main from him, attempting to rebuild after 4444 scams me 70m, then he scams me 60m... So in the past 3 days I've been scammed 130m.. </3 ;l
    Sythe PM picture: http://imgur.com/2Vk21R0
    Skype profile ID & conversation pictures: http://imgur.com/Jkis8I2
    Screenshot of user login being provided: He deleted it, but I've got the email.
    Other relevant trade screenshots: Okay so once again I don't have a pic of my money on acc, because every time it say's "connection lost" and I snap the pic I'm already logged out and I get that pic I posted above. But I know people around Sythe are smart and can put 2 an 2 together. So I purchase 50m 07 from "Road To 1M", I then rent this main from "kolour" attempting to rebuild cause I just got scammed 70M few days ago... I turn 50m into 85M now if you look in the top right where the calc is on the login pic you will see "35" that 35 is how I keep track of what I've profited, so if I purchased 50M and I've profited 35M that's 85M, he gave me 25M back out of my 85M, so he scammed me 60M. Also after I got kicked off acc I log into mine and he's trading his mule the 60M he scammed from me which you can clearly see.
    PIC of "Road To 1M" confirming I purchased 50M: http://imgur.com/239GVag
    PIC of the scammer/ renter trading his mule 60M of MY money: http://imgur.com/rK7JAhD
    PIC of his character (looks) matches the one trading his mule: http://imgur.com/JDU6pI0
    PIC of login once again, look closely in the top right in the calc, that "35" is what I was up, on top of the 50M I purchased from "Road To 1m": http://imgur.com/HJkDmuo
    PIC of him giving me 25M out of my 85M back: http://imgur.com/fLQpVr2

    So ya I purchase 50M attempting to rebuild I'm up 35M = 85M and I get scammed 60M..

    I'd just like to thank everyone that I've dealt with besides 4444 and this scum bag, you guys all know who you are skank, niki245, bogla, ballers, Road, and I mean so many more, if this scrum bag doesn't get banned others just watch out.. ;l
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    Kolour scammed me... Done with Sythe/ RS

    Banned, he's also ban evading
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