Interested in joining CDT or TC team? Click here!

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Interested in joining CDT or TC team? Click here!
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    Interested in joining CDT or TC team? Click here!

    If you are interested in learning more about the Community Development team or Technical Core team, or want to apply to be apart of one, please read below!

    The community development team is a team of Sythe users that strive to strengthen the community of We hope to better the site in terms of activity, community orientated events,
    and overall increased participation by all our present and future members.

    To view past events click here: Community Development Team Members, Hall of Fame & Past Events

    If you have any feedback or suggestions you can leave it here:
    Community Development Team Suggestions & Feedback
    CDT Leaders:
    All major decisions will be finalized by the leaders, talk to them about any concerns you have or assistance you may need.

    CDT Members:
    The main bulk of the CDT. We host competitions, events, community activities, and more!




    zwei siegen
    The community development team is currently accepting applications!

    The CDT is looking for individuals who display the following:
    Being on the CDT requires thinking outside the box to come up with unique ideas for anything from community events and competitions to social media and advertising.
    From here we run with your ideas, adapt where necessary and try to put your plan in action as a team.
    When someone comes up with an idea it's essential that each member of the team should try to provide alternatives or constructive criticism to help aid the idea.
    You must be willing to do your fair share.
    Part of the CDT's mission is to try new and interesting things to liven up the community.
    If there's a chance your event may go horribly wrong, you must be confident enough to assess this and do your best to make it work.
    You can't be afraid of failure, we learn from our mistakes!
    Possibly the most crucial skill to have. You must be able to communicate well with other users, differences aside, to be able to make our events work.
    Slacking and doing the minimum amount within the section and it's events will not help anyone.
    We need members who are keen to do their bit and work hard to advance the team.
    It is your duty to participate in every event you can to do this.

    If you would like to join us in our mission, please fill out the following application form and pm it to @Andy .

    Please provide detailed answers for each question.
    Remember, your participation and conduct around the forum will also be considered.
    It is strongly recommended that you include some proof of your community involvement.
    Applicants are strongly encouraged to participate in the Sythe community for a year before applying.

    Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis.
    There is no set number of applications we will accept (as long as applications are open.
    All applications will be put to a majority vote of current CDT members.

    How often are you on Sythe each week?
    Why do you want to join the team?
    What skills and qualities can you bring to the team?
    What have you done to improve the community? (Links are encouraged)
    Will you be active on Discord?
    Do you have anything to add?
    We can't wait to read your applications,
    and we are excited to see new members soon!
    Keep an eye on the Community General section for future updates.

    We look forward to your responses! Thanks!

    (Note: Denied applicants may apply again ONE month after their previous application was denied.)


    The task of the technical core team is to run, mantain and write code for different community projects that will attract new users. The SytheRSPS project is currently looking for volunteers that are willing to put in the time and effort to make something great for the community.

    What is RSPS?
    The SytheRSPS is a Runescape private server that is aimed to launch later this year. Our goal is to make a Runescape private server made by the community for the community.
    Do you want to make an impact on Sythe? Do you have any ideas that could help us improve ? Want a cool funrank to represent your hard work? Apply TODAY!

    The project is currently in private beta (please do not ask for access as it is meant to be private)
    SytheRSPS First Sneak Peek
    SytheRSPS Second Sneak Peek
    SytheRSPS Third Sneak Peek
    SytheRSPS Fourth Sneak Peek
    SytheRSPS Fifth Sneak Peek
    SytheScape Sixth Sneak Peek
    SytheScape Seventh Sneak Peek
    Andy Samberg
    There are no specific requirements to join the project, but the following is preferred:
    Time and Dedication
    Leadership skills
    Creative thinking
    Knowledge in Java
    Technical background
    Experience in Runescape Private Servers
    Trusted member of Sythe

    Please complete the application questions on this thread. If you want your application to be private you are more than welcome to PM @Hahanerd your application.
    If you are a good candidate then you will be contacted by either me or @Sythe.
    Do you meet any of requirements listed above?
    How often are you on Sythe each week?
    Why do you want to join the team?
    What skills and qualities can you bring to the team?
    What have you done to improve the community?
    Have you worked in Java projects before? (links to projects encouraged)
    Will you be active on Discord?
    Do you have anything to add?

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