Insigneoh13 is a scammer!

Discussion in 'Report A Scammer Archive' started by Wuwisdom, Oct 18, 2018.

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Insigneoh13 is a scammer!
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  2. Wuwisdom
    Oct 10, 2018
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    Insigneoh13 is a scammer!

    Scammer's profile link: insigneoh13
    Explanation of the trade: We agreed upon a price of 230m OSRS gp via discord, after verifying the account was real, I accepted to go first since they had a sufficient amount of vouches. To which they blocked me after I gave the gold. Username of the account being sold is Cass, account money accepted on is crossrages as shown in pics.

    Amount scammed: 230m OSRS gp

    How they scammed: After I traded the gold, they gave me a dumb reason for dragging out the trade, until they finally blocked me on discord and began deleting messages. However I took screenshots all throughout our convo.

    Proof that it's their Discord or Skype: All pictures have been compiled into one album:
    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID or Skype profile ID & conversation pictures: Insigneoh13#7965
    Other relevant trade screenshots:
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    Insigneoh13 is a scammer!

    Unfortunately, @Wuwisdom you were scammed by a Discord impostor. The user you were speaking to was Insigneoh13#7965, while the discord listen on his threads is insigneoh13#7965. The imposter has an uppercase I, while the real one has a lowercase one. We have a few stickies you should review to prevent this from happening again:
    1. Discord PM Template
    2. Verify the user you are speaking with before trading!

    Also @insigneoh13 the discord in your signature is not the same as the discord you use. Normal procedure is to apply a TwC to your account, but you already have one so there will be no further punishment, but we will take note of this in future TwC appeals. Please familiarize yourself with this thread and get your signature updated to correctly reflect your discord ID.
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