[ineligible] Pandahhrs requesting payment

Discussion in 'Community Repayment' started by Pandahhrs, Nov 23, 2021 at 3:16 PM.

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[ineligible] Pandahhrs requesting payment
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  2. Pandahhrs
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    [ineligible] Pandahhrs requesting payment

    Link(s) to relevant scam report(s):Synoninnamon no pay / no refund
    Amount you were scammed at the time of each report: 200m total
    Best way to contact you (e.g. Discord, PM):Discord Pandah#0001 UID 875486094370676796
    Preferred repayment method (e.g. BTC, PayPal):Actually would prefer it to just go to a donation toward sythe for my account
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    [ineligible] Pandahhrs requesting payment


    Unfortunately, you're not eligible for a refund at the moment.

    Rules and Requirements
    1. You must fully fill in the template below to request a refund
    2. Your Sythe account must be at least 6 months old and in good standing (i.e. not DNT'd or banned) in order to request a refund
    3. Your valid Sythe report must be at least 2 months old before you may request a refund
    4. The report must have been reviewed and approved by a staff member
    5. There is a $300 cap per user across all repayment requests and a $100 cap per individual repayment roll
    6. Staff reserve the right to deny repayment requests at will and have the final say on what repayment amounts will be (for example when an old report is ambiguous about how much was scammed)
    7. The following types of scam reports are INELIGIBLE for community repayment:
      • Impostor scams
      • Dicing scams
      • Double-spending scams
      • Account-for-account trades
    - READ THIS FIRST! Community repayment details and template

    The report in question is open at the time of this message.
    Please make another request once you're eligible to make one.
    Hopefully, we'll hear back from Syno in the meantime.

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