if you need words, i got them! paypal/crypto/osrsgp

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if you need words, i got them! paypal/crypto/osrsgp
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  2. Swazzden
    Jan 29, 2019
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    if you need words, i got them! paypal/crypto/osrsgp

    i am a blogger looking for keywords to write content for. i thought i would offer my services here.

    i charge by the word, and we can agree on the number and price per word as we do business.

    my base rate though is as follows.

    1-500 words: 1cent per word up to 500 words.

    500 words -1000 words: 3cents per word up to 1000 words.

    1k or more words. we would need to discuss. but lets say that it is 1 USD per 1k words after the first thousand words.

    i can do it continuously. for recurring subscription or one time fee.
    if you do not like what i write, i am sorry no refunds.

    there is a ten percent discount if you pay in crypto.

    i do not do things on spec often. buyer pays first, or i wont be motivated enough to write it for you(im sorry) feel free to mitigate as much risk as you need. i am patient and i do not mind the use of middle men or any other sort of precautionary things.

    ***limited time only*** i will do 100 word sample posts for free, (no more than 2 free posts per person/blog)
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    if you need words, i got them! paypal/crypto/osrsgp

    I'm interested shoot me a pm with your info
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