How to Upload Images to Sythe

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How to Upload Images to Sythe
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    How to Upload Images to Sythe

    First you will need to upload your image to a hosting site. I prefer imgur.
    Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    Click "New post"

    Click "Choose photo/video"

    Your image is now uploaded to imgur :)

    After your image is uploaded to a hosting site, you can now post it on sythe.
    You can just post the link, which will not embed it.
    You also can embed it so it will pop up directly on the site.
    To embed the link, you will need the actual image address.
    This can be done by right clicking the image on imgur and selecting "copy image address" It should end with a .png or a .gif.

    Click the image icon while editing your thread and paste in the image link.

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