㊙️㊙️㊙️ How to find Venezuelans workers for OSRS (Updated with RRSS Marketing Strategy) ㊙️㊙️㊙️

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㊙️㊙️㊙️ How to find Venezuelans workers for OSRS (Updated with RRSS Marketing Strategy) ㊙️㊙️㊙️
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  2. amplearchitect
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    ㊙️㊙️㊙️ How to find Venezuelans workers for OSRS (Updated with RRSS Marketing Strategy) ㊙️㊙️㊙️

    Venezuela is a shithole 3rd world country in South America, wanna know why? read this whole article: Crisis in Venezuela - Wikipedia

    The OSRS venny worker age is around 19 - 28 years old, most have a old ass potato computer and shitty internet that can handle 1 OSRS client.

    Game turns out popular for a group called Runescapetoday (at least my version of the history), even me get into this forum by a IRL friend that told me about this game to *win money playing* i still remember hes bedroom with 5 people inside all of them with government computers playing at same time (what a goldmine for a chainban haha)

    You up lvl the acc, them go to greens and sell it in a group called Runescapetoday, let me invite you

    BOOM!, that was a savage world in there, ppl sellings accs,gold, bonds, everything like Sythe but the shitty version in a fb group, Many ppl still selling to that group because they dont speak english... now let's go to the point.

    Dont even try to get into the Facebooks groups to find workers, why? Cuz the owner/admin is already a reseller here and he dont want your ass there...

    1) Make a Facebook Page
    2) Get a cool GFX art in spanish offering jobs
    3) Paid a Boost for 30 days put 30$ or 60$ for the ads and add your discord link in there.
    4) Wait for a bunch of guys asking for rate/jobs like savages 24/7
    5) Do not ask me ever again WHERE YOU FIND VENNYS.
    6) Milkthem till dead

    What strategy marketing should i use amp?
    High rate - Instant payments thats the real deal for vennys and have to be your ESLOGAN, but wtf is a eslogan nigg*?:


    1) Growing up trustpilot vouches / Facebook Vouches

    (many ppl dont know sythe they dont give a fuck)

    2) Link your Facebook Page with Instagram Profile
    (so you can display ads on both)

    3) Posting almost 3 times/week in FB/IG

    (Could be a guide for farming, tips, your payments methods anything related to the game or rwt)

    4) Paying Ads for a Month, boost the post with your ESLOGAN!

    (30$ or 60$, if you dont have big $$$ for it, 7$/week work them we move into a bigger budget depending on sales) ALSO try to avoid writing CRYPTO or any platfform of payments just put the logo on the post image or fb will shut it down...

    5) Having a higher rate, theres no chance of making new providers vennys without a good rate
    (like why should i sell to this new website that nobody knows and offer me less kek)

    6) Fast payments for any customer, most resellers take some time, paying instantly makes a difference


    7) Money talks with vennys, HIGH RATE = LOT OF THEM calling you daddy.
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    ㊙️㊙️㊙️ How to find Venezuelans workers for OSRS (Updated with RRSS Marketing Strategy) ㊙️㊙️㊙️

    Could also be worth bringing in the possibility of more than what you said XD
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