How to Catch a Mills/GP Scammer | Your Survival Guide

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How to Catch a Mills/GP Scammer | Your Survival Guide
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    How to Catch a Mills/GP Scammer | Your Survival Guide

    This guide is an all inclusive guide explaining how to catch a typical Mill/GP scammer.

    First & foremost thing is, there is a chance every person being 99% scammer. (Staff & MMs excluded and are counted in rest 1%) Given the right chance and opportunity, people can turn in to scammers. The point is, how much money will make someone a scammer. Leechers for example, might scam for 1M because they don't have a long history in Sythe, a MOD position in here or high post count to loose. They will scam, get banned and simply come back again.

    About MMs
    : In my Sythe history for exmple (thats 19 months) I've seen only 1 official Middleman Scam. So someone who talk about how MM might scam are pushing the limits. The chances of that person will scam you is 99% (as I mentioned above) To become an official MM, we have to go through a rigorous process including finishing five trades worth over 200$. You can see it by clicking here.

    Once people become an official MM they accustomed to doing trades worth more than 100M. However, if you are doing trades over 100M, you can do it in installments with an official MM such as 20M or 10M per installment.

    Lets see 15 ways to catch a wannabe Mills/GP scammer:

    Be vocal If you see someone trying to scam (someone trying to scam will break more than 1 of the ways mentioned below) then post in their thread saying they are doing this wrong (e.g: Use an offficial MM, 50/50 is dangerous etc)

    Note: If someone is trying to buy 400M (and lets say he is a scammer), that doesn't necessarily means he is trying to scam big. Scammers are, well, scammers! They will settle/scam for low as 500k to high as your stupidity.

    +| I don't trust MM/No MM: The person would deny using a Middleman. The reasons they would provide would range from "MM might scam" to "I don't trust MMs". In all trades MM is highly recommended unless they are willing to go first.

    +| Go First: The person would mention in his/her thread that "you go first" and give him/her the GP first. Depending on how desperate they are, they might ask you to give them 500k to 10M. Again, if these people are really scammers, they would refuse MM.

    +| I am new to Sythe/Scammed: This trick is self explanatory too. The user claims he is new to Sythe & talks about building trust and ask you to go first so he can show his 'trustfulness' Another trick they can pull is saying that they got scammed (not your problem is it?) and asks you to go first to prevent that. Actually, if someone got scammed then they would seriously consider using MM rather than trying to scam someone else.

    +| Increment Scammer: This person will say things such as we will do trades in increments. Which means, the trade will start from 200k and you/him(scammer) might increase the amount as trade goes on. The scammer might ask you to go first (you might accept considering its small amounts) or say something like he will go first, then you will go first on second trade. Thereafter, the scammer will actually send you cash for the small amounts but once the trade hits "high enough" amount, he will scam you and leave the scene.

    +| The 50/50 Scammer: Self explanatory. They ask you to give you 50% of the money first. Then simply run away with it. Never trust a 50/50 trader.

    +| The Logic Scammers: These are little grown up ones. They would talk how life is balanced and how one human should trust another one (or American should trust another American, etc, etc) If you talk about bringing in a Middleman, he would then talk about how a Middleman is a simple person with normal desires and hence might scam. Again, those who act like mature and professional & deny MM should be closely watched.

    +| Sent Money Scammers: This kinds of scammers would agree to go first with you and hence agreeing to send the money to your eGold/Paypal etc. Then they will lie that they sent the money to you & force you to trade them quick, saying different reasons such as their mom is being a bitch, etc, etc. Always make sure you actually received the cash.

    +| Fake MM/Impersonator: This is one of the most common one. These ones will bring in someone who is not official MM (their partner in scam) or an impersonator of a Middleman. An impersonator means they would have almost same MSN nick name as an official MM but their MSN would be slightly different. People fall for these kinds of scammers because they are reluctant to check the MSN or fail to notice the slight difference in MSN address. If you are doubtful, ask the MM to PM you in Sythe. Also, never accept MMs from another forums. There is two reasons for this. First being there is no way to confirm and second being if you are scammed, there is no way to report.

    +| The "I gtg" Scammers: These people would agree to everything; including official MMs. Once they come close to the trade, they will doge the trade by saying something emergency came up such as their mom is being a bitch (again) or reasons along that line. This is to shred off the official MM so they can come another time and try to scam you when the official MM is offline. People fall for this because the scammer originally accepted MM (hence thinking he is trying to be legit) & due to the reason there is no MMs online.

    +| Name/Hacked Scammers: This kind of scammer would have their Sythe name as "I Buy Millions" "RS Mills Buyer" or in that line to show themselves as expert/regular mills buyers and would ask you to give them mills first because they should be trusted etc. There are also people who come in the name of "I hate scammers" or names such as "" (some random site that sells/buys mills) and ask you to go first. In any case, be very wary!

    +| Post Count/Duration Scammer: These scammers would ask you to go first citing their high number of post count or duration in Sythe. One should be very careful about this. Post count or duration in Sythe means nothing. It just means they are bigger no-lifer than you (xD) So never budge under these kind of scammers.

    +| Paying High Scammers: These kinds of scammers will normally pay $2 more than the normal price of mils or even up to double the normal price of the mills. This is to attract people towards them and then using some of the above tricks. Worst, they might have a paypal account with a stolen credit card added and once the trade is done, they will charge back (Claim and cancel can do nothing) Read below for more!

    +| Free Scammers: There is no such thing as free. So don't fall for free mills, free trainings or free pins. Only most dumbest people fall for this and there are quite a bit of dumb people out there.

    +| Double thread Scammers: If you see someone posting multiple threads about same thing then he is probably most desperate to scam. So always be very wary of people posting multiple threads about same thing.

    Preventing Scams - Tips

    -| Read this guide: Well you just did, Congrats!
    -| Check the impersonator List: The imposter/impersonator emails there are not necessarily the ones to watch out, there might be new ones, still unreported to the list. So make sure your MM's email matches 100% with the one who is talking to you in Skype/KIK. If in doubt, always ask him to PM you in Sythe. Click here for the current list!
    -| Read Stickies: Well again, you just read one sticky (this thread) Stickies are pinned, important posts that appear atop of other posts in every sections and contains important information.
    - | Do a search: Always make sure the person you are trading your GP/mills with, replied to your thread (so he is not some random guest visiting forums, trying to scam you) After that, do a search on the forums with his name to see if any complaints exist on that person (there might be complaints but that person might still not be banned due lack of evidence against him) Click here to do a search!
    -| Take Screenshots: Like I said above, do not forget to take screenshots of the trade regardless of an MM present there or not. Always make sure that the person's Skype/KIK you are talking is visible in your screenshot. Otherwise, it would be rejected. Text logs are not accepted as an evidence against someone! If someone scams you, report him here with your screenshots!
    -| Use an official Middleman: You can get the current list of Official Middlemen by clicking here!

    If you know a scam that was pulled on you, please post about it. Thank you!
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