Hopefully i get unbanned

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Hopefully i get unbanned
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    OSUSER Guest

    Hopefully i get unbanned

    Hi, It's about my acc's that are banned. I'm sick of the ban situation because i did something wrong it fucked my whole situation here.. I learned from my mistake and want to make a good account on here with repuation also wanna donate but everytime im on the good way my ip gets caught by sythe and then i get banned...
    I really started good OSUSER Vouch's offerd free services and people were really happy with me.. I tried everything to be friendly and just legit. Hopefully i get unbanned and get the chance to move on with this. I'm changed man please give me a chance to get this ' OSUSER ' account on track again. If i do wrong just Permant ban me. I will continu do free services and will donate for my account.
    hopefully u guys will understand man

    thanks for your time ;)
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    Hopefully i get unbanned

    Please read the stickies and create a pardon in the forum linked below if you wish to rejoin the market section.

    Request a Pardon
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