Harped requesting a DNT for scamming

Discussion in 'Dispute Forum Archive' started by Harped XD, Dec 30, 2017.

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Harped requesting a DNT for scamming
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  2. Harped XD

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    Harped requesting a DNT for scamming

    Your profile link: Harped
    Your total debt: 0
    List of offences you've committed and ban reason given to you: Scamming / Ban evading / Other

    If you scammed, have you made any follow-up attempts on contacting your victims or received any response(s):
    He was repaid around the time I got banned and he didn't seem to care about the whole situation afterwards.

    Anything you wish to add:
    From how I got banned, to all the stuff I did or said after I got banned, I made a lot of mistakes and I'm sorry for all of the trouble that I caused. It has been over 7 years since then and I hope I can come back. With my ban evading accounts, they usually always had some form of "Harped" in the account name or signature, and I never tried to make a new account and blend into the community as someone new; I let people know that it was me because I just wanted to talk to my old friends in the community, I didn't want to pretend to be someone else. In the past ~5 years, I've barely even done that a hand full of times.

    I'm not sure who all is on staff other than Hahanerd that was around for my ban, but I really hope you will consider giving me a chance to rejoin the community. Thanks.
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    Harped requesting a DNT for scamming

    DNT granted. Make sure you've read, and understood with what a DNT entails, and what you're restricted to as a member with the DNT rank. You can find out more about that here: Understanding the DNT (Do Not Trade) rank.
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