Had A Name Sniped? Please Read

Discussion in 'RuneScape Name Sales' started by tMoon, Apr 13, 2017.

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Had A Name Sniped? Please Read
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    Had A Name Sniped? Please Read

    We are cleaning up the name sales section as there are quite a few members who believe they can work through proxy snipers to snipe names and then proceed to sell them. We do not care how reputable you are and I will actively be pursuing any user whom has a credible report against them.

    Basically, please come forward. Make a RAS, PM me info, whatever. The more evidence the better. Sniping is very hard to prove, I know; however, with enough proof, we can remove them from Sythe and/or the market.
    • Did you try buying or selling a name form/to a Sythe member and have the trade go bad?
    • Have you seen a name that was sniped from you sold at a later date?
    • Do you know someone with a reputation of sniping?
    • Was a name lost during a name transfer service and did they ended up selling it?

    We are plenty aware that you can legitimately purchase sniped names as they often transfer hands, but let us make this clear: Purchasing names from an individual that sniped it is not a legitimate purchase, specifically if there is collusion on your part.

    If you have purchased sniped names, it is UP TO YOU to prove you did not snipe it AND you did not buy it from the sniper. So, I suggest you stay away from individuals in the business of sniping names.

    Collusion example:
    Also, sellers, if you have sniped in the past and want a chance at immunity via turning in other sellers and helping us clear out the name section, contact me.
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