Guns Re-Pardon due to BIAS/Lies [Admin review]

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Guns Re-Pardon due to BIAS/Lies [Admin review]
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  2. Gun's Re-Appeal

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    Guns Re-Pardon due to BIAS/Lies [Admin review]


    Link to Pardon subject to Bias:

    PLEASE MODS, allow me to contact you privately concerning posts countering my Pardon before merging them? Merging it without my knowledge simply makes me look like an ass, and everyone just takes it at face value rather than looking past the face value.

    A lot of staff solely did not post due to the information provided by Hattez (whom has a personal vendetta/hate towards me for whatever reason, and believes individuals cannot change), and Guard (who i've always kiddingly trolled on Teamspeak while in DDyce/Playerswap, yes its foolish but you need to know the circumstances)

    Why i believe I deserve to attempt a Pardon PRIOR to 08/01/2015?: The entire thread was subject to bias, entirely. Nothing that was posted was valid except the fact that i OWED TTB 350m remaining on my outstanding debt to him. Everything else is just hearsay, and 1 persons bullshit vs anothers.

    What have I done since my last Pardon attempt, which was rudely put out of my favor?:

    1) I Have PAID IN FULL the debt to Time To Buy. He has also since taken trust in me with tabs of 110m 07, giving me 88m 07 on a swap FIRST

    2) I have been swapping as a rank in "Swaps" FC for about 70 days, and have swapped roughly 30B total with no issues.

    3) Done a yolo stake with myself, Farcast, WolfRunescape, MrEvilPwns, and Gyzo which totalled a 600m 07 pot. This was entrusted with me, as i was staking on the acc (Dave can confirm which acc/the stake etc). We won and everyone was paid out, that is $1,320 at the time. Following that we did a 350m pot which was won, and paid out.

    4) I have still actively been checking my old skype to see if any affected parties that i have encountered have re-added me or replied, still nothing.

    5) Sold roughly $3,000 worth of gold to Won_Gold/Bluesky.

    6) Purchased an account from Divica for roughly $400 via WU.

    7) Been trusted with LARGE tabs (100m 07+) with individuals in Playerswap. INCLUDING THE INDIVIDUAL "GUARD" WHO POSTED ON MY LAST THREAD SAYING IM A SCAMMER

    8) Just repeating myself, I have been trusted with large sums of money from ex-staff, respectable members, and even current sythe staff since i was banned, AND since my last Pardon.


    1) The chargeback made to Twist/KO (owner of Dragondyce) for the amount of $288 is completely true. Twist sold me 2 months of weeklies for $288, which would normally be roughly 1.6b if i paid by week. Post-payment Twist banned me 2 days later. I had actively weeklies, which means i did not receive my 2 months worth of weeklies which i paid for. With saying this, i charged him back the entire amount. Twist also scammed like 75% of the ranks/admins in DDyce anyhow.

    2) Hattez (The one who posted the Teamspeak screenies) has always hated me, ever since DDyce. Only because i always talked shit to him, because he was a druggy who couldnt realize it. Im not bashing him whatsoever now, and havent said anything negative against him since Playerswap. He simply cannot accept the fact that someone i trying to, and have successfully changed.

    2) Guard- He has always hated me as well, ever since CoraDyce where i used to take bils off him and Xine. No proof that was provided shows any merit in anything.
    I truly don't know what else I can do to assist in your guys decision making. I've seen a few other Pardons go through which were similar to mine, and im just asking for a second chance. I won't fuck up this time. Those who i associate myself with can keep an eye on my market use, etc.

    Your profile link:

    Report/post/reason that got you banned:

    Scamming + Evading.

    Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims:

    tyler | clam SCAMMER Inactive since 2013, no means of contact.
    Update: Still no means of contact :/

    Gun is God - Scammer Banned months ago, have tried to contact him through skype:
    Update: Still have had no reply.

    iaceyi scammer
    Not accepted yet, will additionally add his friend to try to reach out to him.
    Update: Still no reply.

    GunIsGod is a scammer

    My pc has been compromised 3x in the 2014 year, at the time that TTB (TheNerd) got these messages and gave the gold to my acc I was Border-line backpacking in Italy. I had no access to a computer, only my phone, for roughly 4.5 weeks. I brought all of this to his attention etc, and I'd like to at least think faith is restored, as we have been somewhat friends/acquaintances for years. I'll have TTB Provide some type of validation etc of payments and support. Never would i intentionally do anything to someone I associate myself with, and am friends with.
    Ban evasion to sell gold. No parties.

    Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now:

    Nothing additional, just what is in the past here on sythe.

    Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you:

    I've matured, gained reliability, and an overall sense of necessity vs luxury. Nearly 21 years of age, finally achieving things in life that i thought were truly unachievable which resulted in my misuse of the forums, neglect of old; true, dear friends. I'm not asking for sympathy on a personal level, but everything that i had done in the past was for physiological needs. As terrible and pathetic as that sounds, whenever things occurred it was solely to convert it to IRL to be able to eat/gas/housing since i had no financial support from family. In a virtual community, this is no means for understanding, but it was honestly my last and only option. I'm a genuinely good guy, tend to help people out whenever possible and assist them soulfully rather than financially.

    I've had some great times here, and have continued to talk and interact with some of you over the years through DDyce, teamspeaks etc. So im grateful for your affect on me. All i want is people to know that i've changed. I've turned for the better since my life has turned around. Understandably it's nobody on Sythes' fault that things have gone to shit in my life, and i regrettably took it out on some of you.

    All that I'm asking for is forgiveness, even if an unban/restricted isn't achieved. Since these occurrences, ive done probably $25,000 in services successfully, attended rank in a high profile dicing clan, become individually financially stable and overall gained a sense of meaning and legitimacy. I've been through countless jobs irl and finally got into my career where im financially sound. The people i have come in contact with and have spoken to personally will usually tell you im just a normal, relatable guy who had a few issues back in the day.

    The scamming matter at hand: To those who may have been affected by me, im truly sorry. Not too many additional words can suffice for the actions at hand, so regardless of the outcome of this try to get in contact with me so i can do it verbally. If i could turn back the clock, i would. If i could make it up to you, i would. So regardless of your views, im sorry.

    Beyond this, there's not much more that comes to mind besides the repeated; "I'm sorry".

    Did you fully read and follow this sticky thread in the pardon section?:

    Yes, i understand it is nowhere near guaranteed, and that im probably the least likely to get it, but i have changed, and i'd at least like the acknowledgement of such. Appreciate your guys time, truly.
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    Guns Re-Pardon due to BIAS/Lies [Admin review]

    Gun you need to wait 6 months.
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