Guidelines for posting an eBook/review

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Guidelines for posting an eBook/review
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    Guidelines for posting an eBook/review

    Hi guys.

    After buying a guide/eBook from another user, we strongly encourage you to post a review of the guide/eBook on the thread that the guide/eBook is being sold on. This will allow other users to ascertain the quality of the guide and determine whether they consider it to be a worthwhile purchase. In writing a review of a guide, you are helping to keep our facilities for guide sales strong, healthy, and clean. Guides that receive the best reviews will naturally become the best-selling guides, and, correspondingly, the ones with the worst reviews will not become top hits -- and this is how we, the staff, intend for it to be. We'd like to think that guides & eBooks that are of the highest quality will be met with the highest number of sales. We hope that you share our view and will therefore help out by reviewing the guides & eBooks that you have purchased.

    However, before reviewing a guide/eBook that you have purchased, we ask that you read our few brief guidelines & rules that are in place concerning guide reviews. These are as follows:

    - Any reviews submitted about a guide MUST CATEGORICALLY NOT include any reference to the content of the guide itself -
    this would constitute guide leaking and may result in a permanent ban.

    - All reviews should be respectful & polite.
    You are entitled to imply that the guide you have purchased is of poor quality, but this should be expressed in a constructive and unconfrontational manner.
    e.g. "This guide is arguably flawed in the respects of gold making due to the fact that there are better, more efficient methods out now. The grammar, punctuation, and organization could all be improved." vs. "This gold making guide is awful, I can't believe I spent $5 on it. The method is WAY out of date, the writing is PISS-POOR, and everything is all mixed up."

    - Guides that are fundamentally flawed (i.e. guides & eBooks that do not work) should be reported in the Report a Scammer section, which can be found here.

    Whilst not mandatory, we would appreciate it if guide reviews followed - at least loosely - the template provided below:

    [B]Recommend buying: [/B] (Yes/No)
    [B]Rating: [/B] (/10)
    [B]Additional comments: [/B] _
    Have fun & review the guides of others respectfully!
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