Goldfarming issue

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Goldfarming issue
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    Goldfarming issue

    Hello guys,
    I have a few questions about goldfarming.
    So, im about to try a little goldfarming, i used to goldfarm back in 2011, made a few bucks but stressed me out. Nowdays i have many tools that i didnt have before so i expect to make more. Anyways, things have changed, so id like your opinion about this.
    I want to start slowly, got tribot VIP and bought a decent fighting script with good antiban and started training accounts on f2p (12-15 accounts, 8 hours daily), they are equipped with all the necesary armour and food for best xp rates, hoping to bot until 60-60-60, eventually buy bonds and take them to green dragons with another good script.
    Question 1: How many accounts do you think that will survive until 60-60-60?
    Question 2: Consider botting 8 hours daily, how much do you guys expect this accounts to last doing green dragons? (Adverage).
    Question 3: Is it recomended using proxies? I heard about chain banning and such, any advice helps.
    Question 4: Is this method really worth it? Do you recomend any other goldfarming alternatives that could be more profitable? The only problem is that for now, i refuse buying accounts to bot on higher level requirement stuff.
    Question 5: Should i train until 70 attack and provide my bot a whip insthead of dlong? I think whip may make the account look more legit and recude bans, aswell increase profit/hr.
    Thank you guys
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    Goldfarming issue

    3: I recommend sock5's. Yes chain bans are a real thing, and are easily avoidable so dont spare the money on them!
    4: Honestly i couldnt say, there is many money making methods, who each his own. I plan on a 30-50 account f2p suicide farm on my new client im developing, check out my post for more info on it, free multi-tab and all that good stuff!

    Tip 8 hrs doesnt mean anything to jagex, aslong as you have a break handler that is actually half AI than you will be okay for the most part. Also use mules! If you must buy a private script and request that in there, makes the farming not stressful at all, you can streamline it once you have a account generator, tutorial island bot, quest's bots, and a few training bots, and your money making script. Thats alot of private scripts but itll make it worth it, or learn to code your own, doesnt take to long to learn.
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    Goldfarming issue

    To be honest dont waste your time on green dragons. You should invest in a private script for an unkown private method. Preferably a low requirments method which nobody or only a few people are botting atm. Instead of spending all that time getting requirments for green dragon accounts, use that time to find/buy potential methods. You have no idea how many sick methods can easily be found on YouTube. You just have to know what you are looking for. I have made bank of super simple unkown methods. Why spent so much time and effort getting requirments if you could potentially make even more without any requirments at all?

    When it comes to proxies, they are must if you want to bot more than like 3 accounts :p

    Check my gold farming guide in my sig for everything you need to know about proxies, etc.
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