Fut Easy Extension For FUT

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Fut Easy Extension For FUT
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    Fut Easy Extension For FUT

    Hey fifa grinders!

    Bored of opening bronze packs yourself? Bored of doing all these endless upgrades? Well, I got a solution for you!

    Try the Fut Easy extension!!!

    Fut Easy

    I'm using it this FIFA for the first time and wil definitely keep using it for FIFA 23!

    It has a lot of features:

    • Opening bronze packs automatically

    • Selling players that are worth something

    • Putting dupes automatically in upgrades

    It's also possible to change the settings for each sbc. Like this you can for example change what kind of players will be put into it (common bronze, rare bronze, common silver,...)

    What's also very nice about the extension is the fact you can check your pack history, like some stats about your fifa account.

    I can for sure say I enjoyed fifa way more! It also has a Telegram group were you can discuss the best grind methods and ask the maker of the extension for some changes!

    Try it yourself for sure!!!
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