[FREE]Rocktail/CaveFish Fishing[PIN NOT REQUIRED]

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[FREE]Rocktail/CaveFish Fishing[PIN NOT REQUIRED]
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    [FREE]Rocktail/CaveFish Fishing[PIN NOT REQUIRED]

    Hey guy's I just recently paid for a Living Rock Cavern's fisher bot and I am offering to use it on your account for free! I will only use it on your account for max of 2 hours though, just so I can get other people's accounts botted as well as mine. Right now I'm level 96 Fishing and getting around 110 Rocktails/hr, so you get the idea.

    I do not need a bank PIN for this, so you can keep all your money/items safe in the bank! I do need however for you to have the bait and proper fishing rod in your inventory. I will also recommend you to have a ring of life on, I will bot for you if you don't have it on but chances of you dying and losing all your bait/fish is 0 if you have it on.

    For Rocktail Fishing-
    At least level 90 fishing, around 200-250 Living Rock Minerals, fishing rod

    For CaveFish-
    At least 85 Fishing, fishing bait, fishing rod.

    I've never used the bot to fish CaveFish before, but I use it all the time to fish Rocktail, and it works great. Solves randoms and uses XP Lamp on any skill you want (I usually set it to Fishing).

    Some shiz:
    -This does not go against the TOS of the bot, since I'm still the owner and have not leeched it to anyone.
    -I am not responsible if you account get banned.

    Add my MSN:
    [email protected]
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