Free F2P Public Script Requests

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Free F2P Public Script Requests
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    Free F2P Public Script Requests


    If you want a private script the cost will be $5 but I ask you consider the free option as I would love to have the script be free and open source to everyone :)

    If any of you have a request for a Free F2P Script here are some of my asks;
    Please do not demand a script be made, that's rude.
    Please recognize that the script will be posted on GitHub hence the 'Public' in the title.
    Please let me know any custom features / ideas you have for a unique script.
    Please take into account the possibility of certain client API's and how they work.
    All scripts are entirely voluntary and I will tell you if I do not want to do your script.

    Please contact me on discord for further discussion at xcuff#4054 under the ID 932713673477210222

    If you want some more information here's a pastebin link detailing the same information here.
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