Forum purpose, rules and what can be posted here [READ ME]

Discussion in 'Personal Support' started by Govind, Dec 21, 2011.

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Forum purpose, rules and what can be posted here [READ ME]
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    Forum purpose, rules and what can be posted here [READ ME]

    Maturity is demanded in this forum. Anyone that comes into this forum, berating people because of their problems and so on will be infracted, forum banned or worse.

    This forum is for support with personal problems, where members can post their issue(s), seeking advice from the community. Issues dealt with here are things like sexuality, mental health, relationships, self-identity, friendships, physical issues (self-hate) and so on.

    For other issues see:

    Many people have difficulty talking about personal problems in person and to friends in fear of half-hearted and clichéd advice. With 375,000 members, there is a significant chance - no matter your predicament - that someone will relate.

    What are the forum specific rules?

    • Treat posters with absolute respect. Even if you find their problem to be repugnant or unethical, do not judge them or berate them.
    • If you are responding to a topic, please post maturely and inoffensively. No spamming or flaming is ever tolerated.
    • Please try to give quality advice, rather than usual, droning clichéd advice.
    • If you advise the same thing as what has already been posted, you should feel free to quote the post and indicate that you support the advice offered.
    • Don't accuse people of trolling no matter how "obvious" it may be. Report them instead to avoid adding to the problem.
    • Try to use full sentences and proper grammar as we want people to feel comfortable reading what you are saying.
    • Don't advise people to take drugs or illegal substances as it can get them in to trouble.

    What if I'm embarrassed about my problem and don't want people to know?

    You can log out of your account and post a thread as an unregistered member. This way, nobody will know who posted the original topic and you can still get the help or advice you need. Please note these threads may take up to 48 hours to appear.
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