Fortnite Market Rules

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Fortnite Market Rules
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    Fortnite Market Rules

    Fortnite Market Rule(s)

    What belongs here:
    • Any Fortnite account(s), Fortnite Vbuck(s), Fortnite Item(s), Fortnite service(s) and name sale(s).
      > Bulk sellers linking to their own/affiliated websites need not comply with all the picture proof requirements.
    All selling threads must contain pictures of the following:
    • Screenshot of the main screen.
    • Screenshot of the account's Locker (Skins, Pickaxe, Backpacks, Dances)
    • Account's name may be blurred (Must show if proof is asked by any moderator)
    If you don't know how to take a screenshot, you may want to look here.

    What does not belong here:
    • does not allow hacked or phished accounts to be sold - you will be banned

    You may not have more than 1 thread in this section, if you have multiple accounts to sell that fit in this section, post them all in one account shop thread
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