*Floor Value* ~ DG Leech FC

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*Floor Value* ~ DG Leech FC
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    *Floor Value* ~ DG Leech FC

    Welcome to *~*Floor Value*~*, a friendly, floor-selling dungeoneering service! We were formed on May 4th, 2019, with a special emphasis placed on providing quality floors at a reasonable price.

    Floor Prices:

    Abandoned/Occult Floors:
    Base Rate ~ 1.25m (without cards)
    1.875m (Preening Ibis)
    2.5m (Cloning Mosquito)
    2.5m (Thieving Locust)
    3.5m (Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust)
    4.5m (Cloning Mosquito + Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust)

    Warped Floors:
    Base Rate ~ 2m (without cards)
    3m (Preening Ibis)
    4m (Cloning Mosquito)
    4m (Thieving Locust)
    5.25m (Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust)
    7.25m (Cloning Mosquito + Preening Ibis + Thieving Locust)

    Rush Floors and Mediums:
    c1 non-afk/afk ~ 100k per floor / 200k per floor
    c6 small ~ 300k per floor
    mediums~ 500k per floor

    Specialty Items:

    Craftable Items ~ 500k each, Boss Hunts ~ 1m each, Slayer Hunts ~ 6.25m per hour

    Our Guarantee:

    We promise to meet the refund time, with a bonus percentage of at least 11%. If we do not finish in the allotted time, you will get your money back (or a free floor will be provided).

    Refund times: 14 minutes (medium floors), 18 minutes (larges)

    We hope to see you in the friends chat soon! [​IMG]

    Clavernyn, Owner of *~*Floor Value*~* FC (Runescape)
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