FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Boosts (€15 per rank)

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FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Boosts (€15 per rank)
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    FFXIV Crystalline Conflict Boosts (€15 per rank)

    Guaranteed your chosen rank within a maximum of a week.
    I was a previous Top 100 Diamond Feast player for multiple seasons and a current Crystal player on 4 characters across 3 data centers, thus I am fully capable of doing so with no issue.
    This will be accomplished via account sharing, keep that risk in mind.
    If you feel unsafe, I can Discord screen-share the first session of my service on your account for free.
    I can almost guarantee you will not be "caught" being boosted, and you will not be banned. However to ensure this, I will use a VPN while accessing your account. I will also not be using any 3rd-party programs while playing on your behalf. Nobody has ever been banned using my services before, but in the event that you are, I will reimburse your entire purchase.

    Your chosen rank (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Crystal)
    Exclusive PVP rank title (____ Bearer, e.g. Diamond Bearer)
    A lot of Wolf Marks (If I reach the 20k cap during the service, I will buy item(s) of your choosing. Can be used for various exclusive PVP mounts and minions)
    PVP-exclusive GARO event mounts (while event lasts. Goten and Raigo mounts)
    Progress on the "Series Malmstones" (battle pass, contains currencies and a nice glamour)
    Progress towards many of the PVP-exclusive titles, minions and mounts (e.g. Halone's Cup Bearer, The Alpha Wolf, Hellpup, Faepup, Gloria-class Airship...)

    I am able to play on EU, NA, JP and OCE datacenters.
    Your account must have a PC license.

    Will increase alongside demand; get your order placed now!
    Can be further discussed on Discord:
    €15 per rank, thus €90 for Unranked -> Crystal.
    €10 to choose my job, otherwise I will probably play flavor of the month.
    €20 to stream every match.
    €100 for all 3 GARO mounts guaranteed (will likely only obtain 1 in a regular session)
    €150 for guaranteed top 100.
    €500 for the Full Package: 200 wins; contains the Gloria-class airship and Faepup, potentially Hellpup, and at least rank 25 on the battle pass (Lich King glamour). Guaranteed Crystal rank. Guaranteed top 100. Guaranteed all 3 GARO mounts. Every match streamed.

    Discord: takeit#1065
    If you have further questions, feel free to ask me over there.
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