EU lvl 60 Fully Epic Ally NE Hunter 100% mount + 1K gold + Engi + Skin

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EU lvl 60 Fully Epic Ally NE Hunter 100% mount + 1K gold + Engi + Skin
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    EU lvl 60 Fully Epic Ally NE Hunter 100% mount + 1K gold + Engi + Skin

    Whalecum to my account auction!

    It all started with a few friends naggin about joining to play classic.. Relive the old days right?
    I kept declining because I am older and wiser now. After all, considering my addictive personality and past experiences with gaming, rebooting my gamer side wouldn't be smart.

    Alright, I'll get one month and lvl to deadmines for old times sake and then call it quits, just for nostalgia and some fun. LOL.. As you can see, that plan backfired big time.

    So here we are.. I am selling my account with my 'Big lvl 60 Decked Out' NE Hunter.

    Comes with:

    +- 1000 GOLD
    100% Frostsaber Mount

    Head: T2 Head
    Neck: Ony Tooth Pendant
    Shoulders: T1
    Back: Cape from Ragnaros
    Chest: SGC Chest from Arena
    Bracers: Trueflight from Majordomo
    Hands: T1
    Belt: T1
    Pants: T2
    Feet: T1
    Rings: 2x tarnished elven or UBRS ring
    Trink: blackhands breath + hunter tome trinket

    Weapons: Rhok + Lhok Bow & Staff or DM 2hander

    So fully epic besides ring/trinket

    Engineering (DM tribute runs solo) + Skinning (devilsaur leather) + First Aid

    As you can see its a great account to:
    - Have fun with now in World PvP & BG's
    - Aimed shot crits up to 3k, Multi shots 1500 (so 3x 1K plus easy if they all crit)
    - Do crazy damage in PvE
    - Prepare for P3 and be BWL ready gearwise

    And last but not least:

    UNLIMITED EASY GOLD: with quick DM tribute solo runs with large seaforium charges to open the last door. You can also farm Devilsaurs for their leather.
    Selling BRD Angerforge HoJ runs has also been a good goldmaker for me.

    You get about 50-60gold per tribute run. About double if you sell tribute chest items to other players.

    I am the original owner of the account, I am no trader/seller or whatever, I am looking for a good home for my character. Preferable to a dedicated player and someone that does not fit the stereotype huntard role haha.

    Serious offers are more than welcome!

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