Essay / Coursework writing services.

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Essay / Coursework writing services.
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    Essay / Coursework writing services.

    Hi there,

    I recently graduated with a 2:1 (second upper class) in law from a university that is currently ranked top 50 in the world and top 8 in the United Kingdom.

    I hold a degree in law, but have assisted my friends in business majors such as marketing and management. I am a native english speaker and can rush your courseworks in a couple of days (as i did with my degree). I am open to giving drafts, proofreading, editing or writing your piece from scratch.

    Pm me if you are interested and I will send you some samples of my completed courseworks from my time in university.

    Understandably, my forte would be law courseworks within the English jurisdiction and I do not want to take jobs regarding the American / other jurisdictions that aren’t within the commonwealth as i don’t think I would be able to do a proper job at it
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    Essay / Coursework writing services.

    interested to see some samples, pmd :)
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