[ELI5] Poker Guide For Dummies

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[ELI5] Poker Guide For Dummies
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    [ELI5] Poker Guide For Dummies

    Found a post I wrote back in 2014 for a gambling community I used to be a host at.
    Raw unedited material of 15 year old me explaining poker. Enjoy.


    Everyone starts with an initial amount of chips. During game play, you may lose or win chips from your opponents. The person who ends up with ALL of the chips by the end of tournament, is the winner of the game.

    How To Play?
    Everyone on the table is dealt 2 cards each. Afterwards, a total of 5 cards are dealt on the table, for everyone to see. Now the way the winner is decided, is whoever has the best hand, involving their 2 cards and the 5 cards that are on the table. (I'll explain what hands are later on) The cards are dealt in the following manner : 3 cards first, then one card, then one more card. Betting takes place: before the first 3 cards are dealt, after the first three cards are dealt, after the fourth card is dealt, and after the final card is dealt. Every person has a turn between these phases, in which they can fold, check, call, bet, or raise. This may sound a little confusing, but you will understand once you start playing

    Fold: You withdraw your hand and are no longer a part of the current round
    Check: You simply pass your turn, not leaving the game, nor making a bet. A check can only be done if no player before you had placed a bet.
    Call/Bet: If player A placed a bet of 10 chips, and player B wanted to place the same amount, he would simply "Call" the 10 chips. A bet would be if no one placed an initial wager.
    Raise: If player A placed a bet of 10 chips, and player B wanted to place a higher amount. The raise button could be used

    Now here are the possible hands you can have in poker, the person with the best hand by the end of the round, would win all of the chips that were wagered during that round.

    List of Hands, from worst to best.

    1. High Card: If it comes down to having none of the below hands, the person with the higher card would win. e.g - Player A has high card jack, Player B has high card 9. Player A wins, since Jack is higher than 9. This is the worst possible hand.

    2. One pair: A pair of one number. e.g - 9 of hearts, 9 of clubs. So if I had a 9 in my hand, and there was a 9 dealt on the table. That would be considered a pair.

    3. Two pair: 9 and 9 AND 3, 3

    4. Three of a kind: Having 3 cards of the same number

    5. Straight: Having 5 cards in order. e.g - 3,4,5,6,7

    6. Flush: Having 5 cards of the same suit. e.g - 3 of hearts, K of hearts, J of hearts, 8 of hearts, 5 of hearts.

    7. Fullhouse: Having a two pair and a three of a kind at the same time. e.g - Q Q AND 7 7 7

    8. Four of a kind: Having 4 cards of the same number

    9. Straight Flush: Having a flush and a straight at the same time, e.g - 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H, 7H

    10. Royal Flush: Having a straight flush involving 10 J Q K A. This is the best possible hand.

    During the game, before each round, 2 players are forced to pay a small amount of money from their stack, to the pot called a blind. (the pot is the money won at the end of the round, all betting goes to the pot) There are two types of blinds, a small blind and a big blind. A big blind is more than the small blind. People take turns paying the blinds each round. Blinds increase as rounds end

    Ring Games

    You can choose which table you'd like to join, each table has different ranges of money you can start with. There is no way to win a ring game, you just keep playing and are free to leave whenever you feel like you've gained or lost enough.

    How to play?
    The game play is exactly the same as mentioned above, but in ring games, there is only one table, which members play in. While in tournaments, there are many tables, and players are eliminated as they run out of chips.

    Differences between a tournament and a ring game: In ring games, you are free to join and leave the game whenever you'd like. This is not the case in tournaments, you have to register for the tournament and it starts at a specific time. Once it starts, no one may leave or join during the game. If you leave you simply lose your chips that you had during the game.

    P.S - This guide was written in my own words, I didn't use much poker terminology. I just want you guys to get an idea of how the game works.

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    [ELI5] Poker Guide For Dummies

    It's fascinating to see how your understanding of poker has evolved since 2014. Your explanation of tournaments and gameplay is clear and concise, showcasing a solid grasp of the game even at a young age. Explaining the intricacies of poker, such as the betting phases and hand rankings, can be complex, but you managed to simplify it effectively.
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    [ELI5] Poker Guide For Dummies

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