Easy way to download Torrents

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Easy way to download Torrents
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    Easy way to download Torrents

    What are torrents?

    • [*]Torrents are basically these smaller files that you run, that relocate you to download the bigger files. Bad way to put it, but that's basically what it does.
      [*]Torrents involve P2P connection.
      [*]The torrents themselves are not illegal. However, downloading copyrighted material using Torrents, is.

    What do you need to operate torrents?

    There are two main things you're going to need:

    Getting Started:

    1. Download uTorrent.

      After you get installation all set up and everything (takes two seconds and is self-explanitory), you'll get a screen similar to this:
      In the process of downloading MW2, which will need mounting. I'll explain that later.

      After that, uTorrent is all set up and ready to go!

    2. Next, download the torrent you want.

      In this guide, I will use the link given above, www.thepiratebay.org.
      First, search something you're interested in downloading.

      Then, click a torrent that suits what you're looking for. I typically look one for high seeders.
      Next, click "Download this torrent." MAKE SURE NOT TO CLICK THE BIG DOWNLOAD ABOVE IT. That leads to something completely different!
      After, you'll start the download.
      Hit Okay, then the torrent will do its magic.

      Then, the torrent will download!
      After its finished, simply right click, and open containing folder to find it easy.


      Then do whatever with the contents.
      It varies on the download, obviously.

    3. Mounting an Image *Only required for some files*

      ~Part I: Installing Daemon-Tools~
      This is needed for ISOs. What Daemon Tools will do is create a virtual Drive on your computer for virtual CD's. For instance, Downloading Diablo II: Lord Of Destruction, on a torrent, usually requires mounting. By Mounting the 4 Iso's found in the torrent (The Play.ISO, Install.ISO, Cinematics.ISO, and Expansion.ISO), you are able to freely install the game without opening up your CD-Rom, and without even owning the CD.

      First, download Daemon Tools.

      There are 3 different options, 2 are trials and one is a Lite version. I typically use the Lite version but the choice is yours. The trial, as you can see, lasts 20 days.


      Run the installer, and uncheck everything prior to the actual installation. You won't need it.

      Then, restart your computer.

      ~Part II: Using Daemon-Tools~

      1. Right click Daemon Tools Tray Icon after loading Daemon Tools up
      2. Click Virtual CD/DVD-Rom
      3. Click Device
      4. Click Mount
      5. Search for the ISO you need to mount
      6. Click OK

      That is all there is to Mounting, pretty much.

      Misc information(FaQs)

      What are Seeders?

      Seeders are people who have already downloaded the torrent, and have uploaded them. The more seeders you have, the faster the download will go. After you finish a download, uTorrent will begin 'Seeding', or uploading the download you have just finished.

      So what are leechers?
      Leechers are the people who downloaded it, but don't/have yet to seed it.

      How do I know if a Torrent is virus-free?

      There is no sure way to tell. However, look at the amount of seeders th ere are, and always view the comments. That is usually a sure indication of its safety. However, the best bet is to avoid a torrent if you're unsure about that. Always use caution when downloading one.

    Let me know if you have any questions. If you do, I'll add them to the FaQ's. Thanks for reading.
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