[dunge] idinge pro bot [pp]

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[dunge] idinge pro bot [pp]
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    [dunge] idinge pro bot [pp]

    ok i got a pro dunge but but i dont do rs anymore im eather willing to sell the account to rs buddy with the dunge bot attactched or im willing to train dungeonnering we can discuss reasonable prices for levels, i can do up to 3 accounts at a time running it on a vps server and 3 running on my home computer i figure ill charge 2.50$ a night or something or if u want to buy the account over paypal i bought the bot for 13$ but the account has a few other training bots liek a pro thieving bot for rouges den and a master farmer bot some fishing bots so i figure 10$ is a steel save 3$ off the bots and get a few extra's pm me or post if interested,


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