DarkScape General Rules

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DarkScape General Rules
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    DarkScape General Rules

    If you choose to ignore these rules you will be warned, infracted or possibly banned as a result.

    1. Follow Sythe.org's general rules.
    2. Do not create threads related to buying or selling anything in-game; this includes paid sharing, and RWT methods.
    3. Do not create threads related to asking for anything in-game; this includes sharing.
    4. If a thread asking for help already has an answer you were going to post, DO NOT post it. ONLY add an answer with new information. You WILL receive an infraction for this.
    5. When replying; If the poster is asking a question for help, please post WHY they should make that choice. Don't just say "Stay 1 atk pls."
    6. If you're going to post something funny, don't make users download it, just link the image/video instead.
    7. If you want your account's price checked, please do not post a thread.
      Go here to have it rated / priced.
    8. All threads related to dicing games, or any other form of gambling in Runescape, must be placed in the Dice competitions or Donor Lounge.
    9. Competitions to give away accounts are not allowed. They are usually recovered by the original owner after you put your items onto it. However GP/item give aways are allowed.
    10. Do not create threads advertising bots or scripts. This belongs in RS3 Cheating.

    If you want to sell or buy DarkScape related items you can do so here:
    RuneScape Market
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