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DarkScape - General information
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    DarkScape - General information


    DarkScape is the newest gamemode for RuneScape 3, and was released on 16 September 2015.
    This new gamemode is entirely PvP based

    Some of the most important differences compared to normal RuneScape are these:

    • There is PvP everywhere, nowhere is safe.
    • There are powerful guards with Chaotic weapons guarding the citys, killing anyone who is skulled
    • It's free to play, even members content in RS3 is now free to play.
    • All XP is doubled for Free to play players, and tripled for Runescape members
    • The world is divided in 'factions' each with their own Grand Exchange and banks
    • Banks are divided in 3 tabs, low, medium and high risk

    Combat & Interface

    Combat in DarkScape is Legacy only. You can still use the RS3 interface styles, but there's no action bar!
    If you're an Oldschool player, you don't have to get used to the new combat system, or even a new interface!
    Click Escape -> Game settings and click "Legacy interface" to get the legacy you Oldschool players know and love.

    Banks & Factions

    The world is divided into 3 factions, all with it's own economy, and Grand Exchange.
    This means your bank and Grand Exchange in Varrock cannot be accessed in, for instance the Grand Exchange in the Wilderness, and vice versa. The only way to get your items to another region is to walk the items there yourself. Teleportation is impossible when you are holding items.

    There are wilderness style PvP limits everywhere. The citys are safer than the wastelands, but you can still be attacked by players in your level range.

    The citys are guarded by level 138 guards, armed with Chaotic weapons. These guards can't be killed without a team, as they have 100.000 lifepoints. (about 50.000 hits at level 3 combat solo!)

    How to play

    You can play DarkScape here:

    You will have to download the RS3 Client from that website in order to play DarkScape.

    If the client doesn't open, use the guide below to create a shortcut on your desktop.

    Desktop shortcut
    Shamelessly stolen from somebody on reddit

    • Install the Runescape 3 client. This can be done on http://www.darkscape.runescape.com/
    • Open your %USERPROFILE%/jagexcache/jagexlauncher folder
    • Make a copy of the runescape folder and name it darkscape
    • Open the folder, rename runescape.prm to darkscape.prm
    • Open darkscape.prm in notepad and replace the "-Dcom.jagex.config=[...]" line with this:
    • Save the file
    • Find your Runescape shortcut
    • Make a copy of it, and rename it to DarkScape
    • Right click the new shortcut, click Properties
    • Change the shortcut target from
      [...]/JagexLauncher.exe runescape
      [...]/JagexLauncher.exe darkscape
    • Additionally, you can add a custom .ico to make it easier to see which client you are starting
    • Done!
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