Dark Unicorn (unicornbots) - Blackhat activity/Scammer.

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Dark Unicorn (unicornbots) - Blackhat activity/Scammer.
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  2. Fred
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    Dark Unicorn (unicornbots) - Blackhat activity/Scammer.

    Scammer's profile link: Dark Unicorn
    Amount scammed: Damages over 100B OSRS
    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID: 743551774014832692
    Proof that it's their Discord: https://i.imgur.com/GJBqXu6.png
    Explanation of the trade:

    Dark Unicorn was hired to write up some discord bot tools needed for our discord, he initially asked 75$ for the job, We asked for priority and agreed to pay him 500$ for all the tools we set out to get.

    How they scammed:

    Dark Unicorn was given admin permissions in our discord to test out the discord tools he hadn't finished completing. But he had no intention of ever giving us the tools that he got hired for, because Dark Unicorn was bribed and paid for by a competing discord for Admin access to our discord. In the early hours of August 23rd 2023, Dark Unicorn logged into Sapphire dashboard panel, he then proceeded to create a custom react role that gave access to an alt discord account https://i.imgur.com/G9oTqBf.png , He did this because he wanted to obfuscate how and where the initial entry point was. But from the audit logs in the discord it's clear he was behind it. https://i.imgur.com/pkl5ueI.png

    The unauthorized account that was given the bot role, proceeded to kick everyone from the discord (about 2000 members). along with a message that was posted in the #announcements channel https://i.imgur.com/Qhsb3de.png

    The message above is a clear indication of an attempt to cover up the tracks for Dark Unicorn, I'll begin with the tokens first, the reason behind hiding the full token is because the person did not have the active/current tokens, by posting the message he was attempting to create the illusion this was done through compromised discord tokens, Secondly doing anything on https://sapph.xyz/ (the sapphire bot which basically had owner permissions and was used to gain access for the discord alts) requires people to authenticate with an email and a password. it's impossible to interact with the website through discord bot tokens, you need to physically log in, we can assume with absolute certainty that Dark Unicorn was involved and part of it.

    When we confronted Dark Unicorn about about this, he claims he has been driving and had no idea what was happening, and acted clueless. As you can see in this picture, https://i.imgur.com/pkl5ueI.png he wasn't driving, he was attempting to create an illusion that his discord token was compromised.

    Other relevant trade screenshots:

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  4. Pikachu
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    Dark Unicorn (unicornbots) - Blackhat activity/Scammer.

    I've banned @Dark Unicorn for 3 months and he will keep a DNT until he requests a pardon.
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