CraZyPipe's vouch thread

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CraZyPipe's vouch thread
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    CraZyPipe's vouch thread

    Total Vouches: over 1k ( stopped adding them 5 years ago in 2011) we also have 4k feedback+on pa i might have missed some but they must be somewhere around sythe, right?)

    Added The Vouches I have untill(including): 30.04.12

    To check the number of my vouches(if u dont believe) hit ctrl+f and type "originally posted by" and -3(this). Also if you see any mistake i've made Please do Notify me. Happy trading

    source of vouches:

    (he bought 20k bronze arrows)
    (sold him an acc 111+7 with 95atk 95str 75def main stats fire cape void torso and 192m)
    sold 1.1m gaia gold for a pin