Come Join A GW2 Super PVP Team

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Come Join A GW2 Super PVP Team
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    Come Join A GW2 Super PVP Team


    If you like Guild Wars 2 or want to start playing then send me a message on sythe, leave a comment or message me on discord: GrapeJuice#7769

    I am looking to create a new PVP team in which I can grow and learn with, I am getting bored of being randomly put with other users when I go to do pvp battles and would love to form a team of dedicated people who would be willing to set aside a couple of hours or atleast 1 hour a day 5 days a week to practice together. This way we will dominate the enemies as they are likely to be randoms who won't work together as effective as a custome trained team practicing together. As said before just contact me if you would like to join

    Side note: If you would like to learn how to play Guild Wars2 or just want some friends who regularly play then let me know via contacting me and I'll play daily with you and help you through dungeons and increasing dps + heals and more. Plus getting top tier gear.

    Thanks for reading!
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