[Cheat] EscapeFromTarkov MH by CrazyCoders

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[Cheat] EscapeFromTarkov MH by CrazyCoders
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    [Cheat] EscapeFromTarkov MH by CrazyCoders


    Private soft Tarkovsky- MH Limited Version
    Сreated by Russian developer Crazy Coders

    Discord where you can get more details, status, price and help!

    30 Days ~ 11.50€
    90 Days ~ 33.00€
    180 Days ~ 58.00€

    The price depending on the method of payment.


    Will allow you to see your enemies through walls,bushes, stones and camping on p. on distance until 1,000 meters.
    Esp Type ESP:
    Off / Disabled.
    2D Box / Display players in boxes (squares).
    Skeleton / display the skeleton of the players.
    Smart Skeleton / display a smart skeleton that allows you to see the degree of damage to the player's limbs and body. Green is healthy. Yellow-wounded. Red-embossed.
    Distance / distance display Scale (0 to 1000 meters)
    Names | player Name before the nickname is displayed in the faction BEAR, USEC, is displayed after the distance. Celebity have a different color and name as bots.
    Health / display the health of the player.
    Equipments | Equipment:
    Weapon / Weapon in hand (if any).
    Head / helmet Display on player (if any) + his booking level + his points.
    Vest / display the vest on the player (if any) + his booking level + his points.
    BackPack / display the backpack on the player (if any).
    Snap Line / Tied lines at the bottom of the screen to the players.
    Eye Direction of the player.
    Dead | the Display of corpses (activated with the checkbox Loot).


    Includes visibility of game items up to a distance of 1000 meters. Configurable in two variations New-new and Old-old (for weak PCs).
    Method | Method of displaying loot:
    New / new loot display.
    Old / old loot display.
    Update Time / update Time for the Old method (scale from 1 to 10 seconds).
    Distance / distance display loot (scale from 1 to 1000 meters).
    Lootable / display of loot objects (bags, boxes, safes).
    Cont. Items / Display items in bags, drawers, safes, etc.
    Distance / Distance to display items in boxes.
    Loot / loot display selection Tab.
    Keys - The Keys.
    Mags-Shops on weapons .
    Barter-Things to exchange.
    Quest-Quest items.
    Others-other items.
    Lootfilter / item display Filter*.
    Exits | Display output locations.

    Directs your sight to the specified part of the body by pressing the given key Aim key.
    AimBot / activation AIMA.
    Aim Bone | part of the body:
    Head / head.
    Neck / neck.
    Body / chest.
    Pelvis | pelvis.
    Aim Key settings | hot keys Aim (Aim, you can activate on the free button of the mouse or on the keyboard.)
    Aim Marker / aim marker.
    Fov Value / aim zone at a given range (scale from 1 to 180).
    Fov Circle / circle Display, the radius of operation of the aimbot.
    Priority By:
    Crosshair / Priority on sight (induced by the one who is closer to the sight),
    Distance | Priority of the distance (induced by someone who is closer in distance).

    Allows you to change the parameters of your character and weapons in the RAID.
    Inf.Stamina / Infinite stamina.
    No Breath | Off swing of the sight.
    Inf.Energy / Infinite energy.
    Allow Sprint / Run with broken, broken legs.
    Always Day / night Shift to day (not factory working).
    No Recoil / Disable weapon recoil.

    Displays players and loot on a small separate screen.
    Enable / enable / disable radar.
    Radar Size / change the size of the radar (scale from 200 to 500).
    Radar Opacity | transparency of the radar scale (from 1 to 255).
    Move / Move the radar across the screen.
    Detect / Display (enemies/bots / loot).
    Lootable-Bags, boxes, jackets.
    Keys – The Keys.
    Mags-Shops for weapons.
    Barter-Barter things.
    Quest-Quest items.

    Customize the display color of players and items.
    Players / color settings display players, bots in ESP and RADAR masonry.
    Loot | adjust color display of the loot in the masonry ESP and RADAR.
    * LootFilter provides the ability to upload all objects to the list for further filtering by moving to the right column (does not include boxes, etc.).
    Update Objects-collecting objects in the left column.
    X (above the scroll) is to clear the left column.
    Left mouse button-move the object to the right column for filtering (for convenience, removed from the left).
    The right mouse button in the right column removes the object from the list.
    Up/down arrows-scroll items for both columns.
    Clear Objects-clears the entire right column.
    The object that you picked up the machine is removed from the right column.
    The distance is set in the ESP tab as for the usual loot.
    The quick access window lootfilter END.
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