Chad & Limiq Pardon

Discussion in 'Dispute Forum Archive' started by Chad, Feb 22, 2022.

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Chad & Limiq Pardon
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  2. Chad
    Jun 14, 2020
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    Chad & Limiq Pardon

    Your profile link: Chad
    Profile links for all of your Sythe accounts:
    Report/post/reason that got you banned: Carelessly bumping.
    Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims:
    Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now:
    Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you: I’ve carelessly bumped threads without noticing that Limiq had lost his Discord # and as soon as I noticed it, I hit King and Gladiator up to sort it out immediately. I was not aware that his Nitro had ran out and that his custom # had run out. We apologize deeply for this occurring and you have my word that I will keep an extra eye on it. I will immediately sort all threads out to make sure there is no mistakes.
    Have you fully read and followed the pardon rules and requirements in this thread? Yes - I’m currently pardoning from my phone as I’m out of town. I will be able to reply to the thread with home IP within a few hours.
    Previous pardon link(s) if applicable:
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  4. King
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    Chad & Limiq Pardon

    None of the information since your previous dispute here when you successfully pardoned has changed and the report that you and @Limiq are DNT'd for doesn't have a valid debt attached to it and there are no current debts or signs of ban evasion, therefore this can be moved into voting. A decision will be made within a two week time-frame and once a decision is made your name will be shown in this thread. Please be patient until a verdict has been reached, thank you.

    EDIT for public reference (hence the DNT being linked to this post):

    Limiq's pardon passed but if he comes back he can request removal through a dispute from his home IP (since he's away atm)
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