BoostArmory BFA Allied Race

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BoostArmory BFA Allied Race
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    BoostArmory BFA Allied Race

    BFA Allied Races

    Greetings! Your friends of MMO-Armory are launching a brand new site, so you get a fresh new look
    with over 10 years’ experience in the industry while maintaining the highest quality of service! Over
    40000 completed boosts and counting! We offer affordable pricing with the best professional player
    squad to help you climb that ELO! Over 250 boosters are ready to help you! You can get safe and
    reliable boosts using our services. Get the rank you want today!
    How it works:

    What's offered:

    We offer help with unlocking six allied races. The only requirement is that your account is level 120. If it
    is not, we can help with that too! All you have to do is select the races you want unlocked and desired
    reputation! The price will be discounted by 20% if you purchase 4 Race Unlocks, 25% if you purchase 5
    Race Unlocks, and 30% if you purchase all 6 Race Unlocks! Begin unlocking races now starting at just

    Payment methods at
    - PayPal
    - Credit Card
    - BitCoin
    - We also support numerous other payment methods
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