[B] Ikov GP

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[B] Ikov GP
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    Sythe Gold:

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    [B] Ikov GP

    Hello. I'm currently looking to buy around 10-20B on Ikov as soon as possible.

    I will use Paypal for payment only. I do not play actual Runescape anymore.

    I'm looking for a price around $2/1B. We can negotiate. The less the price, the more i'm willing to buy.

    If this suits you, please add me on skype "Walex70"

    If i deem you untrustworthy, you'll go first/MM/Incriments. You pick.

    Although i have little posts. It wouldn't be fun to lose a 6 year old account on sythe. So yes, i do have something to lose.

    Thanks for your time!
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