(Any Server)everything you need

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(Any Server)everything you need
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    (Any Server)everything you need

    Hello everyone,

    Professions Boost - High quality service and the cheapest price - Focus on FFXIV

    We are a close-knit raid group (8 men) that have been progging and selling content for a long time. We pride ourselves for the professionalism and privacy in all our deals with the customer. We take care of your account with the utmost confidentialy and safety possible.

    Datacenters available for raid boosting services:
    Aether Primal
    Crystal Element

    Overall boosting services (leveling,farms, msq, side content):
    Available in all NA and EU and JP servers.

    We are a close-knit group with experience to ensure your contentment and a good experience.

    All our services are 100% handmade by professional players who fully respect customers' privacy and account property. We will touch nothing and speak to no one during this service, and the entire process is manually made.

    You can also contact me for custom packages if you don't see the one you want listed.

    any titles
    any mounts
    job leveling
    relic weapon
    The Weapon's Refrain (Ultimate)
    the epic of Alexander
    the Unending Coil of Bahamut

    For sharing the account, please provide:
    * Username
    * Password
    * Character
    * Jobs

    Payments are done via Paypal as Goods and Services with buyer protection, we pay the taxes so you will never pay more than I ask!

    If you are interested in trying us or simply want to ask for more informations, add me on Discord Oz#2913 and we will talk about any doubts you may have.
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