Another Runemetrix thread

Discussion in 'Report A Scammer Archive' started by DeNiro, Feb 4, 2023.

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Another Runemetrix thread
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  2. DeNiro
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    Another Runemetrix thread

    Scammer's profile link:


    Amount scammed:

    $280 - coinbase proof, edited out IRL name
    Discord proof

    Discord ID + Unique Discord ID:

    Screen capture - 4a07ccdce4d053c2037f564dfa1f3374 - Gyazo

    Explanation of the trade:

    Fairly straight forward. Approached him on Discord after seeing his thread on Sythe, and we discuss various accounts. He confirms that his TOS is a lifetime warranty in the event of recovery, and also confirms that he is the only person that would possess the ability to recover the account. Received a Sythe PM, and did the trade.

    All relevant screenshots below.

    How they scammed:

    Recovered the account like they have done with many others over the last several weeks. Received a genuine password reset request on 24th Jan.

    Other relevant trade screenshots:

    Sythe PM

    Discord conversation, part 1
    Discord conversation, part 2
    Discord conversation, part 3 - agreed on price of $280
    Discord conversation, part 4 - he confirms lifetime recovery warranty, also confirms that he is the only person with the ability to recover the account
    Discord conversation, part 5 - sent funds
    Discord conversation, part 6 - login information exchanged, edited out. Interesting to note that he did not reply to my question in October about his warranty transferring to another owner should I sell the account on myself.

    Anything that has been edited out I will happily send to staff.
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    Another Runemetrix thread

    @DeNiro I'm sorry to hear about your loss of $280 from RuneMetrix. Please know that this has been added to their DNT (Do Not Trade) reason on the Sythe and they need to repay this to return. I sincerely apologize for your loss.
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