423M xp main original owner

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423M xp main original owner
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    423M xp main original owner

    I have not played this game in a long long time this account is collecting dust and would enjoy getting some beer money in exchange for the account. I am the one and only original owner. You can keep me added on kik, skype, facebook whatever if that makes you happy. As you can see I have been in the skype community for a long time but been absent many years. I do not know the value of the account but I am looking to sell to someone trusted where I can go first or a trusted MM will be used.

    Account details - no bots used, just some expired trolling


    wealth - Comes with a shit ton of pots, augmented items, T85 port range, mage, melee armour, amulet of souls and grace of the elves. too lazy to look through bank.

    I will primarily be accepting USD but if you aren't the most trusted i will accept 07 gp which i will transfer to a gold seller.

    Post offers here with contact info. If i find you trusted enough i might just sell fast.

    A/W $99 USD

    Discord - ttnos#5460
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