Requesting pardon

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Requesting pardon
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  2. Dsin
    Nov 6, 2020
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    Dsin Member

    Requesting pardon

    Your profile link:Dsin
    Profile links for all of your Sythe accounts: don’t have any other ones/alrdy posted.

    Report/post/reason that got you banned: scamming

    Proof of contacting victims for repayment or repayment of victims: I alrdy paid everyone back if you check my account, I didn’t pay the victim but I paid sythe because I couldn’t contact the victim.

    Anything you weren't banned for but want to confess to now: nope

    Detailed description of the events that took place and why you think we should forgive you: it’s been a few years, I have alrdy paid everything back, and you guys have already denied this so this is my second or third appeal.

    Have you fully read and followed the pardon rules and requirements in this thread? Yes
    Previous pardon link(s) if applicable:Pardon request #2
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  4. Yoshiki
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    Requesting pardon

    Hello @Dsin

    Profile: Dsin
    Report(s): Adrian OuT #4202 report against Dsin

    Profile: DSS
    Report(s): Home ip

    Profile: Spug
    Report(s): Spug

    Profile: Status indisc
    Report(s): Status indisc

    Profile: killa12
    Report(s): Killa12 Is A Scammer.

    Profile: Slaves122
    Report(s): Loss or Win + Slaves122

    Profile: rsps4life21
    Report(s): rsps4life21

    Profile: OGpencil66
    Report(s): OGpencil66

    Profile: Loss or win
    Report(s): Loss or Win + Slaves122

    Profile: Endoftimes212
    Report(s): Endoftimes212

    Profile: ramen noodlez
    Report(s): ramen noodlez

    Profile: businessCenter
    Report(s): DSS requesting pardon

    Disputes/Pardons: Home ip
    DSS requesting pardon
    Pardon request #2

    As there are no debts and no signs of evasion this can now move into voting. Results can take up to two weeks and when a verdict is reached, your name will be shown in this thread.

    Until then, please remain patient, thank you.
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