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    Interested in becoming a member of the staff team?
    If so, please review this thread in order to understand the requirements and application process.

    A list of current staff can be found here.
    More information on staff can be found here.

    • Two Factor Authentication enabled. Click here to set up 2FA.
    • Registered on for at least 1 year.
    • At least 1,000 posts on Sythe.
    • Users with a TwC, DNT, or an outstanding debt are ineligible to apply.
    • Account must be in good standing with no outstanding scam accusations.
    Application Process
    • Post a thread in Moderator Applications with a title using the format below.
    • Respond to the questions and scenarios listed below to the best of your ability.
    • Your application will be reviewed by an Upper Staff member. You may be contacted for additional information.
    • Once your application has passed review, a poll and discussion will be created in the Lower Staff Lounge for the current staff team to share their opinion on where they stand with regard to your moderator application. This process usually lasts no longer than 7 days.
    • After this initial process your application will be moved to the Upper Staff Lounge and voted on for the next 7 days, requiring a 2/3rds majority in order for it to pass.
    • After voting has concluded you will be informed of the outcome via Conversation.
      • If the poll passes you will be offered a forum moderator position in a particular section.
      • If the poll fails you will be given feedback via conversation and are free to apply again 3 months following the denial date.
    Thread Title Format


    [Your Username]'s Application for [Forum] Moderator
    Gen's Application for Market Moderator

    • Please tell us a bit about yourself.
    • Why are you applying for this position and how much time are you willing to commit to moderation?
    • What skills do you have which set you apart from someone else?
    • Describe your contributions to the community.
    • How would you like to see the community improve?
    • Do you have any current or past experience in moderating any forums? If yes, where?
    • Have you ever been banned in the past? If so, when and what for?
    • One of your friends on Sythe has asked you to reverse a decision made by another staff member. What would you say in response and why?
    • You receive a private message from a user who no longer wants to be a member of Sythe and wants their posts deleted. How would you help them?
    • You are dealing with a report where both parties have a valid claim, which leaves you on the fence for a decision. How would you proceed?
    • Threads posted in this section are moderated. Only Upper Staff (Global Mods/Admins) are able to view them.
    • Applications posted in this section will be valid for 60 days.
    • Posting fake applications or spamming threads may result in an infraction for wasting staff's time.
    • If you are unsure which section to apply to, you may replace [Forum] with "Any" in your thread title.
    • If you're a returning staff member, you may only apply up to the highest position you've held. Otherwise you may only apply for a sectional position.
    Thank you for your interest in becoming a Staff Member. We look forward to reviewing your application and wish you all the best.
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