Professional, Enterprise-level programming services.

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Professional, Enterprise-level programming services.
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  2. pengyon
    Sep 28, 2020
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    pengyon Newcomer

    Professional, Enterprise-level programming services.


    I'm offering everything related to programming.

    From addressing bugs to developing high quality content;
    writing a good &' maintainable codebase is the key to succeeding in life.

    To pillar the statement, a public manifesto (in context to software craftsmanship) binds me to always abide these attributes which ensures that you, as a customer and all peers (namely developers), always gets the best of the best.

    The manifesto is the following:
    • Not only working software,
    but also well-crafted software

    • Not only responding to change,
    but also steadily adding value

    • Not only individuals and interactions,
    but also a community of professionals

    • Not only customer collaboration,
    but also productive partnerships
    I did not swear an oath because I needed to, but because I wanted to.

    Do you want to learn programming?
    Do you want to improve your code?
    Do you want to learn how unit testing works?
    Would you like any optimization suggestions - or perhaps optimizations performed by myself?
    Need help with Java? Spring Boot is not acting as you please?

    Contact me on Discord: Pengyon#5583.

    (Also, I am relatively new to this forum, so I'll be more than glad to get to know some people even when it's not about business!)
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  4. DanVoid
    Jul 20, 2010
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    DanVoid Active Member

    Professional, Enterprise-level programming services.

    I added you on discord. I've got something I need help with.
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