ALWAYS search the Login ID of accounts!

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ALWAYS search the Login ID of accounts!
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    ALWAYS search the Login ID of accounts!

    Accounts are ALWAYS recoverable. To help stay safe when purchasing an account on Sythe we highly advise that you search the login username/email on the site to see if the account has been used to scam before.

    If you discover that a banned account seller has returned on a new account you should report them here: Report A Ban Evader.

    If an account you have purchased is listed in a scam report it is highly advisable that you remove all wealth from the account and post a scam report immediately: Report A Scammer.

    How to search for an account
    1. You must be logged in to search! If you do not have a Sythe account you can create one here.
    2. Locate the search bar at the top right of the site (Example)
    3. Type in the login username to the account you would like to search for and click search (Example)
    4. The results of the search will appear on your screen if the search produced results (Example)
    Previous accounts to avoid list: List of accounts NOT to purchase; click to report recovered accounts!
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