Protector DNT Request

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Protector DNT Request
  1. Unread #1 - Jan 24, 2020 at 2:16 PM
  2. ProtectorDNTUpdate

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    Protector DNT Request

    Hello again sythe, I have completed what is asked by contacting my victims and setting up payment plans with them, besides @quantasaurus who us inactive but I am frequently trying to get in touch with him.

    Regarding why I want a DNT or why I am in this predicament, I would like a DNT to start my attempt at being a loyal community member again. It will also make communicating to moderators and members of sythe much easier. I am in this situation because of a string of account recoveries that occurred on accounts I resold.

    I will continue to contact quantasaurus to set up payment or a plan. I will also continue to make payment(s) to @daidfarm.

    Report setting up payment(s) to victims:repayment update

    Report with @Pendulum ordering me to complete what I have done in order to receive a DNT:Protector requesting DNT for account scamming

    Thank you sythe for the opportunity to return to the site.
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  3. Unread #2 - Jan 25, 2020 at 4:23 PM
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    Protector DNT Request

    DNT granted
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